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Telephone legal assistance with Tranquilli-T

Whether you're buying or selling a property, the RE/MAX Tranquilli-T program will provide you with free telephone legal information services for legal problems related to the property or the real estate transaction. Coverage commences from the day the binding promise to purchase becomes final for a period of twelve months from the original scheduled date of closing. If you should have any questions or concerns, such as a property boundary issue or a latent defect, you will have access to telephone legal information services provided by a lawyer who is a member of the Barreau du Québec specializing in real estate transactions.

Melanie’s story*

Melanie recently bought her first house - a lovely bungalow. She was happy the pre-purchase inspection did not reveal any problems and the home closed on October 12 as planned. A couple of weeks after taking possession, Melanie was gardening in her backyard when her neighbor confronted her. He requested that she cut down the tree in her backyard as the roots were starting to damage the fence structure which bordered both of their properties.

Melanie, being a first time homeowner, had no idea what she was obligated to do in such a situation or what her legal rights were. Remembering that she had a RE/MAX Tranquilli-T policy, she called her insurance broker for more information.

The RE/MAX Tranquilli-T solution

Providing reassurance to Melanie, the insurance broker advised her to contact the telephone legal information service which provides free and unlimited telephone legal assistance for 12 months following the signing of the deed of sale.

*Case examples are for illustrative purposes only. Certain conditions apply.

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